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Here you can read about and view pictures of some of our most recent Events

Henley Regatta 2008 ~ click here

Buzz Wine Bar June 2007 ~ click here

Boomerang Bash October 2007 ~ click here

Henley Regatta

DJ Ben Pike returned to The Barn Bar at the Henley Royal Regatta for the 7th year running. We have been contracted by Orange Discotheques each year to provide the disco entertainment on the last Friday and Saturday of the event.

This year was much better as we were hired a large 8 metre wide stage, which we shared with various bands over the two nights. Because of the extra space we had we could use a lot more equipment than previous years. We used our Mach medium throw touring system for sound cover. Lighting-wise we just used 9 mac 250 kryptonís controlled by a Martin Light jockey. We also used a jem 24/7 hazer to enhance the lights.

This year we provided to an excess of 5000 people over the two nights and as a result we have booked up already for 2009 event.

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 Rigging the Barn Bar 2008

Henley Regatta 2008

Saturday Night at Henley
Regatta 2008

Henley Regatta stage 2008

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The Buzz Wine Bar and Restaurant in Wokingham

In May 2007 we were asked by the manager of The Buzz wine bar and Restaurant in Wokingham for advice on converting the Restaurant into a Nightclub. We had already been supplying the wine bar with djs and Equipment and knew the venue very well. After much discussion and design ideas we were contracted to provide all of the sound and lighting for the new club which was due to open on Friday 23rd June 2007. The venue was to hold around 500 people so the lighting had to be enough to cover all areas of the room.

We have always used and recommended Martin Professional Equipment. Not only does the equipment have a nice stylish and good look but the kit has always been reliable in all aspects and even if something does go wrong the units are very serviceable and easy to work on.

In the end we used 4 Mini Mac profiles for mid air effects and 4 EFX 600s for an all over cover of the dance floors. We also installed one atomic 3000 strobe for extra dynamic effect along with 4 dc1s for ambient lighting around the club walls. All of the effects are controlled from a Martin Pro Lightjockey pc based controller.

The sound system was originally a Mackie powered system but we quickly upgraded this to a JBL system as the Mackies were not powerful enough. For playback, a Numark cdn 90 cd player and Numark cm200 mixer were installed, with two Technics Sl1210s.
As extras later in the year we also added a jem club smoke two head smoke machine system and two mirror balls.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the way the club has turned out and we currently do every Thursday night there, which is an anything goes music policy.

The Buzz Nightclub, Exa House, Alexandra Court, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2SL

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The Buzz Nightclub

The Buzz Nightclub

Numark cdn90 CD Player
& Numark cm200 Mixer

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Boomerang Bash

In August 2007 Adam Winslet approached us about providing a disco and lighting for a band for a charity event on Saturday 13th October. Originally we were just going to light the band with some normal par cans. However as the event progressed with the organising stages it was noticed that this was not going to be sufficient for the size of the stage and the amount of people expected to attend.

After much designing and site visits to the venue we decided to put in a substantial amount of equipment.

For the front of stage and lighting the band we used 6 brand new mac 250 washes. The rest of the lighting equipment mostly for projection and effect was a mixture of 8 mac 250s and 4 Mac 250 Kryptonís. We also used a couple of wizard extremes and four Atomic Strobes, along with a Mirror ball and two Jem 24/7 hazerís. All of the lighting was controlled through a Martin Light Jockey.

The event was a total success, selling in excess of 800 tickets.

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The Boomerang Bash, Saturday
13th October 2007

Lighting at The Boomerang Bash

The Adam Winslet Band at The
Boomerang Bash

The crowd at The Boomerang Bash

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